Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning & Long-Range Visioning

Where do you want to go, and how do you plan to get there?
Every organization seeks to grow into its greater purpose, and flourish. However, its leaders and members may not have a common awareness of what their goals are, and how they should work together to get there as a unified body. Establishing a clear and detailed strategic plan that mitigates expectations, creates harmony, and sparks excitement and optimism for an organization is a top priority for faith communities and nonprofits that wish to thrive.

White board that says "Dream For Your Church" with multiple Post Its on which people wrote their various dreams for their church

At Crows Feet Consulting, we work alongside churches and nonprofit organizations to help them:

  • use organizational intelligence to discern what God is calling them to in the future,
  • articulate the mission, vision and core values that will guide them there, and
  • operationalize the concrete goals and milestones that will help them live into that plan.

Many churches and organizations do not have a common understanding of the type of congregation or nonprofit they truly are. First, we work with clients to listen to their challenges, opportunities and aspirations. We then use organizational intelligence to reveal what the majority authentically longs for in moving forward. For some organizations, this might mean attracting more members or generating additional income. However, others might choose to refocus priorities and reinvest in strengthening what they already have.

Organizational Structure Consultation
While working with leadership teams, it can be of value to assess an organization’s current structure and make recommendations that could facilitate greater progress. Each situation is vastly unique, and it is imperative to gain a complete understanding of an organization’s intelligence when considering what structure(s) may be suitable for its respective vision and goals, moving forward.

"Thank you for your work with us at Trinity. To a person, everyone was more than pleased with your data driven consultation. We valued your fresh approach, and your wonderful sense of humor. You truly related to everyone and we all felt like you "got us." Our work with Crows Feet Consulting was eye opening for many and generally motivational for all."

— Minnesota ELCA Church


Michelle Snyder
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