Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching

Mentorship that uplifts and inspires
Working side-by-side with our clients, we help pastors, faith community leaders and nonprofit executives adapt and strengthen their leadership style, practices, perspective and performance through executive leadership coaching.

Michelle Snyder standing near a large white pad, holding a marker. She is talking about what she has written on the paper. She is leading a coaching session at a church.

At Crows Feet, we focus on the entire being of each leader – spiritual, professional and social – to ensure a wholistic approach to attaining realistic goals. Our team leans on its deep experience in ministry, and both nonprofit and for-profit leadership, to offer the right support and encouragement that is tuned to an individual’s background, current position, personal vision, values and future aspirations.

Cheering from the sidelines, every day
We believe focused, genuine coaching happens in real time. Pastors and leaders need someone to come alongside them and:

  • Offer proactive advice in light of the differing challenges they face every day
  • Cheer them on
  • Lift them up
  • Present the right guidance at a moment’s notice

Instead of instructing in a broad, generalized manner, we take a tailored, relationship-based approach to coaching. We integrate organizational intelligence to inform how we can best coach each leader. And, we take into consideration their unique style and how adaptable they are to change.

We have deep experience working alongside pastors and other faith community leaders to provide leadership coaching, especially during times of pastoral transition and succession planning.

“After talking with you, I had a sense of clarity that I often experience in these coaching calls. So, thank you for being you and making your significant gifts available to us clergy types.” – ELCA Pastor

"Thank you for your work with us at Trinity. To a person, everyone was more than pleased with your data driven consultation. We valued your fresh approach, and your wonderful sense of humor. You truly related to everyone and we all felt like you "got us." Our work with Crows Feet Consulting was eye opening for many and generally motivational for all."

— Minnesota ELCA Church


Michelle Snyder
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