Church Mergers

Church, Judicatory and Nonprofit Mergers

When you choose to be stronger, together
Whether to promote further, faster growth or simply sustain viability, many organizations consider combining forces to advance their individual and common goals. During a church merger, or merger between judicatories or nonprofit organizations, it’s critical to ensure everyone’s voices are heard and the best interests of both organizations are well-negotiated.

Michelle Snyder standing next to a large white pad on an easel. She has a marker in her hand and is engaging with someone off to the side. She is leading a workshop on church mergers.

Crows Feet Consulting works with churches, judicatories and nonprofit organizations to help two or more units merge together to establish one unified system. We aim to make the transition as seamless as possible. Our team integrates each organization’s data intelligence to assess expectations and drive the preferred methodology for a successful merger.

Organizational intelligence is imperative for bringing to light the structure, complexity and nuances of each merging system. It also provides a greater awareness of each system’s leadership and staff attributes. Gaining a better understanding of everyone’s hopes and concerns, and general adaptability, helps to guide the complex journey of consolidation. It’s also important to understand the health of each organization, and determine if they can merge on equal footings or allow one to lead over the other.

"Thank you for your work with us at Trinity. To a person, everyone was more than pleased with your data driven consultation. We valued your fresh approach, and your wonderful sense of humor. You truly related to everyone and we all felt like you "got us." Our work with Crows Feet Consulting was eye opening for many and generally motivational for all."

— Minnesota ELCA Church


Michelle Snyder
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